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Closed-Loop Management of Battery Energy Storage System Assets

About Renewance and How We Can Help You

Renewance is a leading provider of software solutions, consultancy and project management services for the management of battery energy storage system assets throughout their complete life cycle — from deployment to active operating life through recycling or repurposing of end-of-life industrial batteries.

Our services include enabling clients with defective or end-of life batteries to determine the most advantageous recycle or reuse solution on our Renewance Connect™ platform; to compare, select and contract turnkey recycling solutions project managed by Renewance and executed by certified partners; and to utilize other software solutions and services to ease management of battery energy storage assets throughout the full life cycle, including management of warranty and performance guarantees, and regulatory compliance services to minimize risk. Outsourcing these tasks to Renewance saves our clients significant time and resources, which can be better devoted to their core business activities.

Improve Productivity While Easing Your Mind

Renewance saves you time, effort and ensures proper environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance. Unburden yourself by letting us lift from your shoulders the:

  • Cumbersome burden associated with navigating the complex, evolving regulations governing waste batteries
  • Challenge of searching for adequate logistics providers that can transport waste in a cost-effective, compliant manner
  • Difficulty of seeking recyclers who can handle the specific form factor and chemistry of your end-of-life batteries
  • Time-consuming struggle to find potential repurposing solutions for used batteries

Why Choose Us for Your Industrial Battery Needs?

Renewance has the expertise, experience and tools (purpose-built software solutions) to provide battery original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators and battery energy storage operators productivity throughout the full life cycle of their battery energy storage assets. This includes providing the most cost-effective, compliant and eco-friendly recycling or repurposing solution for end-of-life industrial batteries.

When you work with Renewance, you get access to our:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the applicable product’s compliance and environmental and transport regulations
  • Extensive network of trusted field services engineers and logistics and recycling partners
  • Project management experience that enables us to deliver the most cost-effective and compliant turnkey solutions

Renewance Is an Award-Winning Industrial Battery Recycling and Reuse Solution Provider

Renewance is among the 15 recipients of Phase 1 of the Department of Energy’s Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Prize. The prize focuses on identifying innovative solutions for collecting, sorting, storing and transporting spent and discarded lithium-ion batteries — from electric vehicle (EV), consumer electronics, industrial and stationary applications — for eventual recycling and materials recovery.

The Battery Recycling Prize is a $5.5 million phased competition designed to incentivize American entrepreneurs to develop and demonstrate processes that, when scaled, have the potential to profitably capture 90% of all discarded or spent lithium-based batteries in the United States for eventual recovery of key materials for reintroduction into the U.S. supply chain. *

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