Renewance Connect™ Services

Managing Industrial Batteries Throughout the Life Cycle

The Renewance Connect™ digital platform is our umbrella product, offering access to services that provide industrial battery asset owners cost-effective, compliant and eco-friendly ways to manage their batteries throughout their full life cycle — from deployment through reuse or recycling at end of life.

Managing Industrial Batteries Throughout the Life Cycle

Renewance Connect™ is a suite of software solutions that are purpose-built for the industrial battery industry to manage industrial batteries throughout their life cycle, including:

  • End-of-life reuse or recycling
  • Life cycle asset management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Warranty management
  • Monitoring and analytics

Renewance Connect™ provides battery owners the most cost-effective, compliant and environmentally responsible collection of reuse or recycling options for their end-of-life battery assets. Simply load your batteries’ data into the Renewance Connect™ portal. Required information includes chemistry, form factor (size and weight), location and Safety Data Sheet. Once the asset is registered in Renewance Connect™, you can access its many features and services.

Renewance offers services to complement our software solutions, including execution and management of decommissioning and reuse and recycling projects. We also provide consultancy and customized services, such as regulatory compliance studies, battery take-back strategy development, battery end-of-life liability estimates, and project management of battery energy system decommissioning and recycling.  

Why Choose Us for Your Industrial Battery Needs?

Renewance is the one-stop shop for products and services that enable you to efficiently and effectively manage industrial batteries throughout their life cycle. Our offerings provide a number of attractive benefits to battery owners/operators, system integrators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), including:

  • Asset management via a closed-loop model that includes usage tracking throughout the life cycle to ensure the optimal end-of-life solution
  • Compliance with complex and ever-evolving regulations that govern the handling of industrial batteries
  • Efficient, timely execution of warranty claims in accordance with contractual terms and conditions
  • Insights to extend asset life or opportunities to generate additional revenue
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly reuse and recycling of batteries at end of life
  • Improved productivity due to the outsourcing of complex, time-consuming tasks associated with battery end-of-life disposition
  • Ad hoc consultancy services to address your specific industrial battery needs