Tools & Consulting

Industrial Battery Consulting Tools and Services

The tools and consulting module within Renewance ConnectTM provides a one-shop-stop solution for cost-competitive, eco-friendly and compliant decommissioning, collection, and reuse or recycling services from trusted service providers.

Services for Asset Owners’ Unique Needs

Although Renewance has developed effective, purpose-built software solutions, asset owners may have additional unique needs that require battery consultancy services. We have the tools, knowledge and expertise to address nearly every aspect of the industrial battery life cycle.

Renewance provides ad hoc life cycle battery management consulting on a range of topics:

  • Battery take-back strategy for OEMs concerned with proper stewardship of batteries at end of life
  • Asset retirement obligation estimates for planning future financial obligations
  • Battery packaging solutions for damaged, defective and recalled batteries
  • U.S. EPA notifications required when waste accumulation limits are reached and for import or export of waste batteries
  • U.S. EPA special permits required when requesting exceptions to existing regulations
  • Guidance on proper battery storage and compliance with applicable fire codes

Contact Renewance for assistance with these or any other industrial battery concerns. Our expert consultants are happy to help you navigate your way through any battery life cycle issue, no matter how complex.