Managing Industrial Batteries Throughout the Life Cycle

The asset management module within Renewance ConnectTM helps you manage your energy storage systems and industrial battery assets throughout their useful life cycle and beyond.

Helping Manage Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Effectively managing energy storage systems through the life cycle and beyond requires expertise and proper tools to track life cycle status, monitoring performance, and manage document retention obligations.  Renewance offers a suite of software products that are purpose-built for the industrial battery market. The Renewance Connect™ platform seamlessly integrates key life cycle activities into related functionality and enables recordkeeping to be maintained in a single location. Our platform helps battery owners manage warranties, maintenance, regulations and end-of-life activities, all of which are tracked through a single repository.

One-Stop Shop for Cradle-to-Grave Management

Industrial battery asset owners face multiple challenges. For example, lithium ion industrial batteries are Class 9 hazardous materials which, at end of life, may become hazardous waste that requires exemplary management to preserve human safety and prevent reputational damage. The Renewance Connect™ platform provides solutions for cost-effectively and compliantly managing energy storage systems and battery assets from deployment through end of life.


Renewance Connect™ Monitoring and Analytics

Life cycle status and operational status data are captured in comprehensive dashboards that are conveniently accessible in a single app. This allows you to respond quickly to operational issues, including planning for maintenance or replacements, and to obtain insights regarding actual versus expected battery life that can be used to improve reliability models. Application history and performance records are captured in a battery ledger, which is a critical tool that enables potential reuses prior to the ultimate recycling.  

Real-time monitoring functionality can be configured with alerts that are triggered by abnormal or undesirable operating conditions. A 24/7 call center activates timely issue resolution and dispatch of field resources. The performance analytics module features a time series of key parameters that impact battery life and performance, such as state of charge, temperature, dispatched energy, and charge and discharge power. This allows operators to review how the systems have been used relative to contracted operating boundaries, providing insights to further optimize operations.

Managing End-of-Life Batteries

What happens when industrial batteries reach their end of life? Renewance has the expertise and experience to help manage end-of-life issues. We offer a variety of services under the Renewance Connect™ umbrella, including:

  • Asset retirement obligation (ARO) modeling and forecasting
  • Second-life evaluation and reuse when usable life remains
  • Reverse supply chain optimization

Conserve your time and financial and labor resources by outsourcing industrial battery asset management to the professionals at Renewance.